Thursday, 28 January 2010

insulation begins

M started insulating the roof yesterday. After mulling all the materials that were on offer and changing my mind every day as to what would be best, cheapest, most eco-friendly M just went ahead and ordered lots of stuff. We are using the B&Q sheeps wool where we have space and shoving Celotex in between the rafters where there is less space, but mindful of leaving a gap for ventilation of the rafters. All good so far.
Discussed storage solutions with M and have decided on some neat ways of building cupboards and drawers to extend into the eaves space.
We are going to have to divert the drains when we start on the ground floor work. The plans currently showing the drainage from both neighbours as well as ourselves running directly under the house. D, the architect, arranged for a CCTV scan last Saturday, but the drains people were not able to get very far, because there was a bend in the pipe. Chris has been digging a hole over the bend, so that the drain people can come back and break into the drains at a spot past the bend. An architect friend in my ballet class commented that she hoped we didn't mind rats!! So we are going to have a beautifully refurbished, rat-infested home?
Anyway, the whole business is yet another delay, because D cannot make a decision on how waste flows from the bathroom we are installing in the attic until we know exactly where the drains are. This gives me a bit more time to mull over windows, tiles and bathroom fittings.

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