Saturday, 14 May 2011

Roof matters

The dilemma of the week : whether to install photo-voltaic panels on the roof or integrated panels (these are much more aesthetically pleasing, but we wouldn't be able to fit as many in, and they are not quite as efficient).

Mini-dilemma: whether to install photo-voltaic cells or solar-thermal cells on the smaller bathroom roof.

We are going ahead with a local group scheme organised by Transition Town Re-furb group, which gives us a group discount. The group asked a number of companies to give estimates and have decided to go with local company Joju, who are very helpful, have wonderful computer-generated plans to show you the lay-out, and explain how much money you can expect to save through the Feed in Tarriff scheme.

Here is Chris with Dominic our architect on one of his site visits. 
Dominic looks pleased with the work.
Chris has just been cycling.

Digging in the foundations

A photo for Janek who loves dumper trucks

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