Sunday, 11 April 2010

we are sad

Our beautiful cat, Bella, was diagnosed as having severe kidney damage the other day. She had started showing symptoms of ill health about 3 weeks ago, but had seemed a bit better, so thought she might be recovering.
Bella was 2 1/2 years old. We bought her for Caia as a birthday present 2 years ago and she was the sweetest cat ever. She was very sociable and inquisitive, and at any social occasion would come in to see what was going on.
The vet rang me on Thursday morning to give me the results of the blood tests, and said the kidney damage was so advanced there was very little chance of recovery. Caia's birthday was on Friday, so I thought I would tell her on Saturday and then we would take Bella to be put down. However, watching her discomfort was so upsetting that I couldn't go on with it. On Friday I told Caia and although we were both very upset, decided it would be best to have her put down as soon as possible. We arranged it for that afternoon, 2 years after we had got her.
Goodbye Bella, we will miss you.

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