Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have just done our energy readings for the last 2 weeks and they seem to have gone up again. May be a combination of different reasons; another cold spell, Caia back home, me being in a lot, Marlon making door openings to the eaves which are letting cold air. Hope it all settles back down once Marlon gets doors in.

Anyway, topic was meant to be windows. Marlon looked at about 5 local workshops and in the end we chose a middling one. I am delighted as the windows we put in 10 years ago had spiral balances, double-glazed, by Magnets and quite ugly. They hadn't been fitted very well and when Marlon took them out the frames were beginning to rot. I am very,very pleased to have sashes back although Marlon says their fit isn't perfect and they don't have draught-excluders all the way around, but Marlon will fix all that.

When Chris and I visited Ecobuild we talked to a few window companies and Chris thought that with a more mechanised process they could probably provide a higher quality of window. I had thought we ought to be supporting small, local businesses, but in the end you do have to make some sacrifices when you are saving the planet.

Anyway here are some pics.

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