Sunday, 13 March 2011

starting this week

I notice in my last blog, I said we were going to start in February, it is now 13 March and we are going to start next week. The first phase of work involves putting a bathroom in the top floor, so that we have somewhere to wash when the back extension and bathroom come down.
Last week Chris and I went to Ecobuild exhibition and were inspired. We now know a great deal more about PV cells, underfloor heating and rainwater harvesting, and these are basically the technologies that we want to install in the house during this refurb. Of course we also want to make sure that we have as much insulation in place as possible.Roof has been pretty much done, but under ground floor rooms will have to be done. It was good at Ecobuild because a lot of these technologies have moved on and we were able to have a lot of our questions answered.
This Saturday went to Chris Stevens and ordered all the stuff for the bathroom, basin & taps, shower tray, enclosure, shower head and taps, toilet, cistern and eco flush system.Believe me, it all mounts up. And then there were the tiles. Have spent about 10 hours looking in magazines, going to Chris Stevens, going to Topps Tiles, then back to Chris Stevens. Could not make my mind up - ordered some tiles, but not sure if they will be right. Main thing was to get porcelain instead of ceramic, as they are tougher. Hope it all looks OK.

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