Thursday, 28 April 2011

work has started

We have at last got a new bathroom - though not quite finished.
We are having 2 builders - Emil who is doing the basment and Jacek doing the new building works. Jacek's crew came in to install a bathroom at the top of the house. This had to be built before our bathroom in the extension was demolished - there was a bit of over lap when we didnt have anywhere to wish - but on the whole things went well.
It was Caia's birthday during the course of demolition works, but she and her friends had a great party on the scaffolding.  They put our rugs and pillows and had balloons, strawberries and chmapagne. The weather was great. That was before the rest of the house came down. Show you that later. Unfortunately I deleted a load of photos by mistake, that showed work in progress. Wait for more photos in next post.

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