Thursday, 18 March 2010

signs of success

I have just been doing the log of our electricity and gas meter readings and am delighted because the amount we are using has been steadily decreasing since Marlon started work.
For example we were using 149 KWh weekly on average in a 7-week period before we started insulating the roof and that is currently down to 104 KWh per week in the last 4 week period.
The periods I measure are a bit erratic as I forget to take weekly readings, so then I have to adjust the reading to give a weekly average.
Gas readings show a similar pattern, although there was a bit of an increase in gas consumption at the start of the work, maybe due to plaster being taken off and windows left open.
You could say that there would have been an increase just because the first period included Christmas, but that also included one quite warm stretch and we were away for part of the Christmas holidays.
I would expect readings to decrease as the weather starts to get warmer, but I can also make quarterly comparisons with previous years and will continue to monitor as we bring in solar panels, photovoltaic cells and new boiler.

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