Saturday, 13 March 2010

What a waste!

Our original plans for the refurbishment included a basement underneath the extension which would house a home cinema, gym, utility room, toilet, shower and storage space.
This would have been encased in a concrete shell and lent itself to being heated by ground source heat.
Two drainage experts, Gareth & Glyn, were to undertake an exploration of the waste pipes, so that Dominic could work out how the waste from various toilets, bathrooms etc would be diverted out of the house.
The weather delayed the visit, and when G&G did come, they found the pipes were not in the place indicated by plans from Thames Water. After digging up half the patio, it turned out that they could access the pipes with their probe through a manhole on our neighbours patio. Instead of running underneath our house, the waste pipe actually runs beneath the neighbours house and from there to a pipe underneath the road.
Unfortunately, G&G found that the pipes would cut across the current plans we have for extending the basement outwards.
So its back to the drawing board and a rethink of what we do. Dominic made the point that we should be able to accommodate everything we want within the current space we have.
We have started to use the room next to our bedroom as a gym anyway, so that can probably stay there. We had also started to think about siting the toilet on the ground floor, so it wouldn't require a pump and a macerator ( I was put off that by the site of Rachel from next door cleaning out her macerator in the garden).
Quite excited about the new plans and new possibilities, lower financial and environmental costs - so it's all win, win.
However, the starting date for this project is slipping by the minute. Hope it will be finished by the Olympics.

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